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Nighttime UFO SkyWatching with Military Night Vision Gear!


"On Saturday November 10th, my wife Janice and I took a tour with you. We truly wish to thank you for the time, expertise and candidness you demonstrated during our tour. I WAS slightly skeptic and am now absolutely convinced as to the reality that is not being talked about in this country. I can not walk out my door at night anymore without my head uplifted to the night sky and know that we are just passengers on this planet with many beings and species. I will, in the not too distant future, purchase Gen 3 or better night vision as I know I/we should keep our eyes and hearts on the sky."   -Gary S.

Kim Carlsberg: International UFO Keynote Speaker, UFO Author, UFO Researcher and UFO Contactee, proudly presents: Sedona UFO Sky Tours... Specializing in UFO SkyWatching with Military Night Vision Gear in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona UFO Sky Tours... Provides you with optimum conditions to become a personal witness to... 
the TRUTH about UFOs.

My Experience, Expertise and Knowledge of Sedona’s UFO Hotspots, the UFO / ET (Unidentified Flying Objects / and Extraterrestrial phenomenon), coupled with the most advanced UFO viewing equipment, proof we are not alone is only a UFO SkyWatch away! Supplied with the most powerful Military Issue Night Vision Gear: PVF 7s Night Vision Goggles, ANVIS 9s Night Vision Binoculars, and more, you will see Sedona’s star-filled sky as never before while using technology credited as “the best way to have a UFO sighting." For large groups an additional Night Vision Video Camera is attached to a television monitor, creating a party atmosphere where family and friends can gather around the flat screen as UFOs are tracked across the night sky.

 UFO HOTSPOT TOURS: Offer UFO / ET - Extraterrestrial Lore
 and paranormal experiences at Sedona’s UFO Frequent Sightings Hotspots during daylight hours. 

Our most popular tour is a daytime paranormal vortex tour is the mysterious Bradshaw Ranch. Located deep within nation forest land, the ranch was confiscated by the US Government because it houses one of the most powerful inter-dimensional portals, perhaps on Earth. It is the subject of many books recounting countless sighting of UFOs, ETs, Big Foot (Yeti / Sasquatch) and many other extraordinary Inter-dimensional Beings. The raw beauty of the area, and the intoxicating vortices and portal energies are reasons enough to venture to the ranch's borders, but with my teams abilities to summon and manipulate paranormal energies,
we utilize the portal energies in unusual and exciting ways.

(Photo of Steven Bassett (Mr. Disclosure): Founder of Paradigm Research Group, at the gate of Bradshaw Ranch, by Kim Carlsberg. For more images of famous UFOlogist from my upcoming book "Facing Disclosure: The Faces Behind The Disclosure Movement."

Energy Vortex Visits: within the magnetic beauty of the most famous Sacred Power
in Sedona, will energize and balance your body, amplify your spirit,
and renew
your connection to "Great Spirit" anytime, night or day. Our mother company Encounter Sedona offers 26 unique tours along with spiritual "Inner Encounters" Please visit www.EncounterSedona.com for more information.

Image of Cathedral Rock, Sedona Arizona, by Kim Carlsberg.
See more of my photographic work a
t www.KimCarlsberg.ImageKind.com and www.KimCarlsbergPhotography.com


Personally signed copies of my newest book "The Art Of Close Encounters" are available at www.TheArtOfCloseEncounters.comIt is a hit in the UFO / ET and has been coined "The Quintessential Cosmic Coffee Table Book". Ever wondered who the ETs are?... what they look like?... how many races there are? and what they are doing here? Ever heard the terms: The Grays, The Reptilians, The Mantis, The Pleadians, The Nordics, The Light Beings, Hybrids, The Whites, The Eliad, The Squatty Blues? Ever wondered how many different types of craft are encountered: Disks, Orbs, Triangles, Tetrahedrons, Boomerangs, Rectangles, Top Hats, Birthday Cakes, Footballs, Pancakes? If so, entrench yourself in 150 individual accounts of close encounters, each story accompanied by a stunning artistic rendition of that particular experience by the person who had the close encounter. But close encounters are not restricted to ETs. They include, Angels, Fairies, Big Foot,
Shape Shifters, Ghosts, Guides, God and more.

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