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During the Sedona UFO Sky Tours I get many, many questions. The conversations are deep and sometimes exhausting. This last week I took out a very sweet woman from Ohio. Her name is Sue. She had a life changing sighting in her twenties, but like most of us, work and family takes up most of our hours and finding time to research these paradigm shifting enigmas is difficult. She has an open mind and is hungry for information. I tried to give her name of people in the field she should look into but it was overwhelming. After chicken scratching a number of names on my flier in the dark, I gave up and promised her I would post a page with enough information, names and links to give her a basic background of UFOlogy. This page is for Sue and all of you with a open and hungry mind. I will add info as time allows. Blessings, Kim
(Of course, I cannot list everyone, so if your name is left out, my apologies.)

I just had the greatest synchronicity! As I was compiling this page today, a FB friend contacted me and ask me if he could include me on his website of "Who is Who in Ufology." He has done my work for me. Click on the following link...


STEVEN BASSETT (Mr. Disclosure) Paradigm Research Group (.org)

KERRY CASSIDAY: Project Camelot

STAN ROMANEK: Abductee, Author, Speaker

CLIFFORD STONE: Retired Military, First Response UFO Crash Retrieval Team

MEL FEBREGAS: Veritas Radio, a MUST listen online radio station.

RICHARD GREER: The Disclosure Project

RICHARD SALAS: Retired Military, Nuclear Weapons

ROBERT DEAN: Retired Sergent General, UFOlogist

WHITLEY STRIEBER: The Father of Abduction, Abductee, Author, Speaker

STANTON FRIEDMAN: Nuclear Physicist, Ufologist, International Keynote Speaker

DON SCHMITT; Author, Film Maker, Ufologist, Expert on The Roswell Incident.

TRAVIS WALTON: Most documented Abduction case in history.

RICHARD DOLAN; Historian, Ufologist, Author, International Keynote Speaker

BRYCE ZABEL: Writer, Producer, Film Maker, Author, Ufologist, International Keynote Speaker

MARY RODWELL: Hypnotic Regressionist, UFO/Contactee Researcher, Author

YVONNE SMITH: Hypnotic Regressionist, UFO/Contactee Researcher, Author

BARBARA LAMB: Hypnotic Regressionist, UFO/Contactee Researcher, Author

PAOLA HARRIS: UFOlogist, Author, Conference Promoter

CAROL ROSIN: Advocate for Disarming Space

DR. LYNNE KITEI: Producer of The Phoenix Lights documentary.


ANGELIA JOINER: Researcher, radio host, journalist.

TRACY AUSTIN PETERS: Researcher, radio host.

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