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Sedona, Arizona, Nighttime UFO SkyWatching w/ The Most Powerful Military Issue Night Vision Gear!


Sedona UFO Sky Tours provides several types of night vision gear ranging from, Military Generation 3 PVF 7 Night Vision Goggles and ANVIS 9 Binoculars, to single monoculars (people with glasses love these) that allow for seeing 70,000 times more light than with the naked eye. We visit a famous Sedona UFO hotspot and provide you the optimum conditions to witness the truth about UFOs and in seeing Sedona's star filled sky as never before. For large groups a Night Vision Video Camera is attached to a television flat screen providing a party atmosphere where family and friends can gather around the monitor as UFOs are tracked across the night sky. Our locations take advantage of the most power Sedona vortex energies as well as the magnificent views of Sedona's spectacular Red Rock formations. We really do see UFOs every time! We have never seen less than 5 UFO, and we have seen up to 200. One time we saw approx. 100 craft at once.
The tours consists of a brief class at the storefront on "what is and what isn't, a UFO". And, after a life altering evening, you find you absolutely must have night vision of your own, Kim is an authorized night vision dealer for Night Optics, now is business over 20 years.

NIGHT TIME SEDONA UFO SKY TOURS PRICING: Sedona UFO Night Vision Sky Tours are $90 per person (cash please). This tour is not appropriate for children under 10 years old. Children 10 to 12 are half price
and share goggles with their parents.

We meet at dusk at UFO VORTEX, 50 Stutz Bearcat #1, West Sedona (call for exact time). We then travel to the viewing location together and/or individually. Tours are approx. 1.5 hours.

Sedona UFO Hunting can really work up at appetite. We usually finish off the evening at the Sedona UFO/Alien theme "ET Encounter Diner", (now, "The ET Encounter Diner"), located at 1655 West Hwy 89A in West Sedona. A taste of Americana with a visceral Extraterrestrial vibe, makes a perfect ending to a magical cosmic journey. A giant selection, huge portions and a full Galactic Bar are sure to satisfy any Sedona UFO sojourner. Of course, the diner keeps later than
normal hours
for the local SkyWatchers... open until 11:00 pm. (Attendance optional, of course).

Custom Daytime, Sedona UFO Hotspot and/or Vortex Tours... 



We visit Sedona's famous UFO sighting locations to share their lore, our expert knowledge of UFOs, as well as our own contact experiences. Our Vortex Tours take you to Sedona's top power spots where you'll experience the magnetic energy through guided spiritual journeys under the stunning scenic beauty of Sedona's  famous rock formations.

One of our most popular daytime Sedona UFO Sky Tours locations, is the famous Bradshaw Ranch. The mysterious Bradshaw Ranch, located deep in nation forest land, was confiscated by the US Goverment by eminent domain because it houses one of the most powerful interdimensional portals, perhaps on Earth. It is the subject of many books about countless sighting of UFOs, ETs, Big Foot and many other extraordinary Interdimensional Beings. The raw beauty of the area, and the enchanting vortices and portal energies are reasons enough to venture to the ranch's boarders. No other tour company dares to venture to the ranch. Tour is approx. 3 to 4 hours.

 $50 adults per person per hour, this tour not recommended for children under 12 and under. All tours are customized and we are happy to meet your specific needs. Combine daylight and nighttime tours for an even more amazing adventure!... and get a considerable discount.

Have a fun and inspiring adventure!

For All Tours 


* Please pack plenty of water to drink, snacks, and plenty of enthusiasm. 
* Be sure to wear close toed shoes nighttime tours (long pants when possible),
walking shoes for daytime tours, and clothes suited to Sedona’s ever-changing weather. 
* Keep in mind that night in the desert can be chilly and dress in layers.
When cold, bring jackets, hats, gloves, etc.
* When it’s hot, wear a hat and lather on the sunscreen lotion. 


Book Your Sedona UFO Sky Tours:
by calling Kim Carlsberg at 855-SEE-UFOs (855.733.8367)


50 Stutz Bearcat #1, Sedona, AZ 86336
Authorized "Night Optics" Night Vision Dealer

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Encounter Sedona Paranormal Tours

Member: Sedona Chamber of Commerce
& Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association.
CPR & First Aid Certified. Permitted for
Operation in Coconino National Forest.

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